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Sarah Smith, MPA, RN, BSN


Founder & Managing Director


Ken Wilson


Frank Krywicki


Miriam Flannigan, RN, BSN


Special Projects Nurse


Angie O'Dowd, RN


Special Projects Nurse


Anne Spencer


Administrative Assistant

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Sarah Smith, MPA, RN, BSN | Founder & Managing Director

Sarah brings with her a great deal of experience having worn many hats in her career.  Most recently she worked as a health care executive in business development and brings to any role  a unique perspective having her registered nurse license and having worked in health care in numerous different capacities including private Dr. offices, the acute care setting, hospital administration, health education, program development, public health, policy advocacy and much more.  Sarah brings more than 20 years of extensive health care industry experience to the table along with a background in business development, marketing and communications. 

Research & Publications

Sarah is the lead author on a retrospective research study presented at the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) Annual Conference in New Orleans, March 2016. The study is referenced and cited in articles and clinical policies by numerous clinicians  in her field including:


Sarah has a dynamic combination of degrees including a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) with an emphasis in Health Care Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Grand Valley State University's Kirkhof College of Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Health Communications.

Connect with Sarah

Email: sarah@sarahsconsulting.com | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram

"Professional in every sense of the word. Strategic thinker, highly motivated with a work ethic not easily found in today's workplace. Bright, fun and intelligent sums Sarah up."

- Ray Breiding

"She was always thorough, dedicated, passionate and simply enjoyable to work with and work around. She was very goal driven and strived consistently to ensure her goals were met. She also had a desire to learn and take in as much as she could in order to continue to grow and further her industry knowledge."


- Matthew M. Shinabarger

"Sarah is a dedicated professional of who has a kind personality that works well with with anyone. She brings a positive attitude and much energy, which are great attributes, especially in challenging situations."


- Steven Courteau


Ken Wilson | Partner, COO

As a dynamic Marketing and Managed Care Executive, I launch industry-first products and services that create business value and enable record-setting multimillion-dollar revenue growth. By delivering a mix of sales strategy and operational excellence, I expand organizational capability and strengthen competitive edge in highly regulated healthcare environments. Known as an open and collaborative leader who instills vision for growth among large external sales forces, relationship building with third-party commercial/government payers, and fostering mutual respect among stakeholders. 

Connect with Ken

"One of the most motivational and realistic leaders with which I've been fortunate to be involved. Ken always has a vision and strategy that is clearly described and drives people to action. Ken understands that intrinsically great leaders are driven by character and he demonstrates this in every interaction. Ken's intricate knowledge of the healthcare system which allows him to drive outstanding results both individually and through others. Ken is an excellent business leader!"

- Charleton Smith

"Ken has extensive business knowledge in the area of health and health management, as well as understanding of both payer and physician real world needs. He is invaluable to the planning and execution of an effective sales process. He has the ability to see long term implications of decisions made today and make course corrections to meet fast paced change environments. Ken allows the people reporting to him to use their expertise and he functions as a true mentor and coach. He listens to all sides and makes rational business based decisions. It’s a pleasure to work with Ken, and his impact on the success of the entire sales team is significant."

- Linda Newgent, RNC


Frank Krywicki | Creative Director

Being creative isn’t just Frank’s job, it’s his passion. With a background in graphic design and video production, he has 15 years of experience in the field. Frank has worked with several production and branding companies over the years, including co-founding a production company in Indiana. He has traveled the world over the years on various film projects and has had the privilege of interviewing some amazing people and companies. Crafting stories and creating brand messaging for engaging content is his goal on every project. Frank is a forward thinker and is always learning new and innovative ways to deliver media content in an ever-growing and competitive field. 

Some of Frank’s skills Include: graphic design, motion graphics, photography, and cinematography

You can email Frank at Frank@sarahsconsulting.com


Miriam Flannigan, RN |Special Projects Nurse

Miriam is a registered nurse in the state of Michigan and brings to us an incredible research ability.  She oversees program development for our Health Care accounts specializing in evidence based clinical research. 

You can email Miriam at Miriam@sarahsconsulting.com 


Angie O'Dowd, RN | Special Projects Nurse

Angie is a registered nurse in the state of Michigan with Pediatric, Labor and Delivery, Special Care Nursery and Infusion experience. She also has an extensive business background specializing in business start up essentials and copy editing. 

We are honored to have Angie on the team. She is a team play and contributor along all lines of business. 

Angie project manages our client O'Dowd Lawncare, LLC and is all hands on deck with our client the Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan by volunteering and helping out as a camp nurse. 

You can get in touch directly with Angie by emailing her at angie@sarahsconsulting.com


Anne Spencer, BA | Administrative Assistant

As project manager and administrative support, Anne is the glue of the office!  She has decades of experience as an office manager for both for- profit and non-profit organizations.  With great attention to detail she puts her sparkle on everything we touch and fine tunes it before it leaves the building.  


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